The quickest benchtop set-up 

for detection and monitoring of COVID-19

Avilab MDX

AviLab MDX 1.png
  • AviLab MDX comes with all you need to set up a mobile Molecular Diagnostics testing station

  • Easy-to-use, Highly accurate, Fast sample to Results in less than 3 hours

  • Stand alone, Integrates into any lab set-up

  • Upgradable throughput and capabilities

  • High adaptability - open systems compatible with a wide range of products and assays

  • Application* agnostic

AviLab MDX provides a complete & open set-up, including*:

- qPCR system
- Laptop
- Heat-block
- Magnetic rack

- Centrifuge
- Vortex
- Pipettes

This set-up is suitable for a wide range of qPCR assays and extraction methods such as column and magnetic beads-based, including all the required ancillary instruments to ensure an independent and practical set-up.

How Can I Order?


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• Already using our AviLab MDX? Upgrade now by ordering the AviLab NGS box for a full NGS Set-up!

• Request your AviLab MDX and AviLab MDS setup today, by emailing us on [email protected]